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John Is The Agent With The Buyers!

For More on how the The John Reeves Team can sell your home Fast and For Top Dollar:

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Experience & Guarantee

The John Reeves Team has combined over 200 years of real estate experience. John is confident he will sell your home Fast and for Top Dollar. If he doesn’t he will buy it and it’s all in writing.


John’s extensive knowledge of the real estate market is what enables his team to sell homes for 3% more money and 2x faster than the average agent. 

How does john have all these buyers?

John acquires thousands of home buyers through:

  • John Reeves’ Extensive VIP Buyer Network

  • Radio Advertisements on six major stations

  • Over 360 Home Buyer Search Engine Sites

  • John’s “Hot Home Deals” for those buyers who want exclusive deals not found anywhere else.

  • John operates across most of Southern California so that allows her to gather thousands of buyer contacts.

How Can I As A Home Seller Benefit From John’s Buyers?

John holds over 55,523 buyer contacts in his database. These buyers have given their home description and personal information to John.

Out of these buyers, 98.8% want to live in the property/home and call it their own.

What this means to you is that you are likely to receive a higher offer on your home and possibly multiple offers in a short time frame.

These high percentage of buyers are classified as “True Homeowner Buyers” that provide the highest offer opportunity which will take pride ownership of the home.