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Stories from our Agent’s Perspective


Single Mom on Limited Funds

As told by Samantha Leach (Buyers Agent)

I have known this gal, Andrea, for most of my life. I didn’t think home ownership was possible for this single mom on limited funds, but a couple years ago we discussed the possibility because I couldn’t stand watching her pay more and more rent every year. We looked over her monthly budget and identified a few possibilities where she could save some money. Fast forward two years later, her interest was piqued about purchasing a home that I couldn’t allow her to buy in an area that was just too far for her and her fiancé to commute. I was able to get them to consider east county, but their limited price range had us consistently outbid over, and over, and over - and over, and over, and over. Finding a home became even more difficult when they realized her mother needed to move in with them - requiring an even larger home! We went back to the drawing board, talked to the lender about giving a larger closing credit, was able to get some funds gifted, AND the a seller agreed to $6k in closing costs! The history of the home we found worked in our favor for negotiation, including a brand new HVAC and an entire roof replacement - almost $20k in new items for this home that was in otherwise just about perfect condition. We didn’t just secure a home for this couple and their blended family, we changed the financial future of their kids’ lives! What a blessed opportunity to be a part of their journey!