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Narda Stroesser

For over 30 years Narda has been in the real estate business, 25 years as a Mortgage Broker/lender, and the last 10 years representing buyers and sellers as a Realtor. She finds the greatest satisfaction in Real Estate Sales to be when she has connected a client and their needs, and successfully guided them through the search or sale of their home. As a former Mortgage Broker, she brings a unique perspective to Real Estate sales always considering the possibilities for each property. This helps seeing how many buyers dream of holding their homes as rentals in the future when they move up into their next home. With sellers, she has the knowledge to know who they should consult before making the decision to sell. Sometimes the tax issues or the income benefits could mean it's better to hold on to the property rather than sell. Her background in finance is a plus!

She has been married almost 30 years and has 4 amazing children. She was born and raised in Chula Vista and knows San Diego County like a native!

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